What the Cl*t?!

Project Book | Field research | Aïsha Kanters | 2022

This project started with my fascination for the shape of the clitoris. I find the shape special, wonderful and cute. But, who knows the shape? Almost no-one. How is this possible in a world in which actually half of all people carry this organ in their bodies? It especially marvels me because almost everyone knows how to draw the penis.

This project contains a visual field study consisting of 170 drawings of a clitoris made by 170 individuals. The field study literally shows visually how well, or rather, unfortunately little we know about the clitoris. After collecting these drawings, the story about the unknown shape of the clitoris came together in a publication. At the back of the publication is an essay about the ignorance of the clitoris. The reflective essay takes you into the historical and socio-cultural context of this organ.  

For the What the Cl*t?! drawings I have asked both friends and complete strangers to draw what they think the clitoris looks like in its most basic shape. I asked people between the ages of 18 and 72, including people of multiple genders and from both urban and rural backgrounds.