Het Seksfestival, TivoliVredenburg

Exhibition | Utrecht | 2022 

The 9th of April 2022 the first Sex Festival was organized in TivoliVredenburg. An event focused on everything sex related, centering pleasure and fun. We designed an interactive exhibition with sculpture, prints, video’s and explorative games that were educative, fun and thought provoking.

A part of the exhibition was the work we created for VOOS de Leertuin, a platform for positive sexual education for high school students. Other works we made specifically for the festival, for example a gender memory game, a textile work celebrating queerness, work showcasing the ignorance surrounding the accurate representation of the clitoris. In addition to our work, there were talks, performances, and experiences with among others; Damn Honey, de Seks Zusjes and Eva Jinek.

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